Privacy Policy

Principles of data protection

  Personal data will be collected only with specified, explicit and legitimate purposes (see 8.4)

Personal data will NOT be processed by third-parties in an incompatible manner with the specified purposes

All personal data will be kept confidential and securely stored

Personal data will be shared with third-parties only if it is necessary, with the purpose of offering services in accordance with the existent agreements

The persons which have personal data in process have the right to request access to their personal data, correct and delete personal information, restrict or deny the processing of personal data, but also the right for data portability.


Personal data

Personal data means any kind of information that can be linked or attributed to an individual identified or identifiable

Personal data includes every type of direct or indirect information (and some used together with other data) which refers to an individual, such as name, surname, address, e-mail, phone number, etc.


Collecting personal data

The data we collect can include the following

Name and contact information (name, surname, e-mail, postal address, phone number)

Data regarding the device you are using and how you and your device interact with our products

Data about the features you are using, products you buy and the web pages you visit

Data about the device and network you are using to connect to our products. These include data about your operating system, the software and applications installed on your device, including product keys. Also, it includes IP address, regional settings and language settings


The purpose of collecting personal data

Informing clients about validation and delivery of orders, solving cancellations or any type of problem related to an order, related to the purchased products and/or services 

Sending newsletters and/or periodic alerts via e-mail, only if the person expressed its accord

market research, monitoring sales and studying the behaviour of the client/buyer

Also, Ticketing Nation Srl can provide personal data to other partner companies, but only after a privacy agreement and only with the purposes mentioned above , which ensures the fact that any type of personal data is securely stored and providing this information is being made in accordance to the present legislation as following: banking/payment service providers, transport and delivery service providers, marketing service providers and any type of company we can cooperate to improve our products and services

Personal data regarding the identification of the customer can be provided to the Police, General Prosecutor's Office, Court of Law, or any instance of the law empowered by the State, within the limts of the legal provisions, following an expressed request 


Usage of personal data

We will use your personal data only for the purpose for which it was collected and we will store personal information as much as it's necessary for the purposes mentioned above (see 8.4)

We will keep personal data regarding a client as long as its account is active, for any of the purposes metioned above (see 8.4)

Access to personal data is strictly limited to Ticketing Nation Srl staff, to the associates who have the authority and a clear and expressed need for the usage of such data

If the users do not want to divulge their personal data to those companies, they are asked to contact DPO at


Security of processing

Personal data will be safely processed and adequate technical measures will be taken to prevent against any type of damege, accidental or illegal loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access, especially when data processing implies sending data through a network but also against any form of illegal processing

For any questions about personal data security, contact us at


Access and correction or deletion of personal data

Customers have the right to request at any moment access to: correction, portability, deletion or restrict the processing of personal data

Users are recommended to inform us regarding any changes or discrepancies of personal data

For viewing or modifying personal data, or to obtain informations regarding personal data, please contact DPO ad (request with date and signature)

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